Word Play


The Word Play book is available now. This book contains 30 short scenes (maximum 6 lines per person) for either 2 or 3 players. Each scene can be easily learnt, rehearsed and performed during the drama lesson in order to practise and develop acting and performance skills.

Many students enjoy dramatic improvisation and can react naturally and spontaneously but sometimes, when asked to perform scripted lines, produce a performance that is stilted and false. These scenes aim to encourage the actors to bring text to life through believable characterisation and natural reactions. They give opportunities to practise and develop vocal variety and to try out different theatrical situations.

Each scene is designed to be used, with other drama activities, as part of a drama lesson focusing on a specific acting or theatrical technique. They have all been successfully used in classes of students ranging in age from 9 to adult.

There are three different scenes for each topic and the teacher can select a combination of scenes for 2 or 3 players, depending upon the numbers in the class.


Elaine Elliott has taught drama to adults and children in schools, colleges and theatre groups. She is a Speech and Drama grade examiner and runs courses for teachers who are working towards drama teaching qualifications.


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